Ladies who fellowship meeting number 10!

10th meeting!! Praise Him!

Our guest speaker John laid down a fruitful and much needed message based on the individual running away from God, with the example of well known Bible parable The Prodigal Son.

Few notes from the day:

(By Rae)
Jeremiah 31:3- Gods love is so powerful that even if you go he can draw you back. Jesus was lifted up on the cross, the cross was a demonstration of love

Luke 15-journey to a far country means in Greek to go as far as possible. The devil is doesn’t want you to just to leave church. The issue wasn’t the swine was not nice it was because it didn’t fill us up. The world’s stuff can not fill us up, there is nothing in this world that can fill you up. Swines are sweet but not filling

Jonah 1- God will send a storm into your life but the storm will not fully break you, the storm will save you so you can go to Nineveh.

Hebrews 11:24- Moses could have become a big person in the world but chose God instead of passing pleasures of Christ. Bible says only righteousness of God that can fill us up.
If I can change by myself then why do I need God, I go to Go because I need changing.

It’s so great gaining notes from other ladies and the messages delivered to them. Another one of our ladies felt touched and wrote this during the meeting:

Whatever we go through in life is for a purpose, we shouldn’t let what people do or think discourage us in our walk with God. At times the experiences we face aren’t for our own benefit but God let it happen to us so that we can use them to bless someone else.

It’s so funny how people who used to know you before you came to Christ always wants to remind you of who you used to be. But this should humble us to never think too highly of ourselves but be grateful to God for still counting us worthy to use as vessels of honour.

To God it doesn’t matter how heinous yours past was, if you have confessed it and repented from it, He’s forgiven you and forgotten it “we’re a new creature in Christ”.

Reminder: We live for God and not people. We cannot serve people if we’re enslaved to what they think or how they’ll react to things. As long as you know that you are walking in obedience to Gods word and will(purpose) for your life you are good.
It’s also funny how it is those people who are complacent in their sins & don’t want to make any changes in their lives that want to remind you of who you used to be. But who’s report will you believe, God’s or man?

(Our brother John at the top left fellowshipping with us)

A very rich fellowship meeting. We need to understand that although we fall short and don’t always do the right things, God is the ONLY one who will fully accept us and welcome us into His arms. Stop running away! ❤️

God bless our fellowship
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