Indeed! It’s been a year since LWFITC launched. On the 17th November 2014, 3 ladies interested in Bible study and gaining a bigger and clearer perspective of God gathered together at a pancake house based in Holborn. We spoke about our purpose, we didn’t know what this would turn into; but we knew it would be fruitful and a beautiful journey.

Over the course of the year Ladies Who Fellowship In The City has been in existence, we’ve been so blessed to grow in number, have guest speakers, testimonies, breakthroughs, friendships, sisterhood, and much deeper rooted faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Birthday 1

It’s not always been an easy journey, but it’s been so so worth it. No one to thank but God for imprinting the vision, and guiding us throughout.

We marked the blessed year of LWFITC with a weekend retreat in Rugby. Our guest speaker spoke to us about love and fruits (will post full audio link in next blog post).

We prayed, read, spoke, laughed, and left feeling so blessed and enriched. God bless fellowship, forever!

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