How was our first Twitter chat collab of the year? Amazing!

Happy new year from LWFITC to you!


The start of the year is indeed a busy one for all, and we thought that since many of the ladies would be quite busy, how about having a meeting in the comfort of your own space.. online! This is our fourth twitter chat, and we find it important to show as much love and interaction as possible to our online followers as they really helped spread more awareness about LWFITC.


What is a Twitter chat?

A twitter chat is simply putting out open questions via our twitter page, and our twitter followers or anyone on twitter that sees the discussion openly answering them as freely as they want to! It builds really  strong online interaction with followers too. 🙂


We thought that to make this twitter chat even more interactive and engaging, it would be a good idea to collab with a fellow amazing woman of God, and blogger, Anu Agboola. Through her amazing platform #AskAnu, she has built such a powerful brand and is a perfect example of the women you will meet at an LWFITC meeting! 🙂


Questions we asked were very varied, and very engaging! Here’s a snippet of what went down (we had over 150 tweets in the whole twitter chat!)





The power of the internet! The beauty of fellowship! God is good. ❤

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